Creature Modeling for Production

Learn a professional modeler's workflow of translating an original 2-dimensional creature concept into a 3-dimensional model. By following along and creating this model, you will learn how to thrive in a production pipeline - from the initial sculpt stage to the final optimization of topology for animation.
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In this training series Kent Trammell will take you through the complete process of modeling a creature for production in Blender. He will show you how to take an original piece of concept art and reproduce it in 3D as a production-ready model with clean topology, great details, and ready for texturing, rigging, and animation.

Concept Art to Final Model

You will learn all that is needed to create a the final creature seen above. This includes how to use the skin modifier for quickly blocking out the form and how to use the new Dynamic Topology sculpting. You will learn how to retopologize your sculpt with clean topology that is animation friendly. And you will learn how to exquisitely present your model to impress the rest of the team, production higher-ups, and/or the internet at large.


Kent Trammell