Creating Realistic Fire FX with Sprite Sheets

Learn how to build sprite sheets from Blender and video references to create realistic fire and explosion FX in Unity
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Let's Build Fire and Explosions!

In this course we'll be looking at an experimental tool by Unity to create sprite sheets based on a series of images. You'll learn how to export out a explosion and fireball simulation from Blender into a series of images that we can then convert into a sprite sheet in Unity. This sprite sheet can then be used with the Shuriken particle system to create a realistic looking effect fairly quickly. We'll also look at how we can use realistic video references in the same manner, for this course we'll use a campfire video reference.

You'll Learn How To

  • Export an animated image sequence from Blender
  • Use the Image Sequencer tool in Unity to build a sprite Sheet
  • Export and image sequence from a video using Photoshop
  • Build realistic Shuriken Particle Effects
  • Use the Light and Noise modules in Unity

Realistic effects such as these are commonly built using sprite sheets, so if you've ever wanted to build that realistic fire or explosion effect for your game, then this course will guide you on your way.