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Part of the Learning Flow: Modeling in Blender

Creating a Wall of Mailboxes

Difficulty: about 2 hours


Course Summary

This short course focuses on generating a complex image with a streamlined workflow. A huge benefit of computer graphics is the ability to quickly and efficiently duplicate or instance geometry. This means we can spend more time building and detailing a single object then duplicate it many times to compound our scene's level of complexity. But with such an ability it can be very easy for our duplication to feel too perfect; to feel “CG” and fake. To achieve realism we must implement controlled randomization to break up our CG-ish repetition. We want to employ intelligent repetition along with top-notch rendering skills to mesmerize viewers with gorgeous complexity. In this course, I will walk you through a fairly simple example of this idea from start to finish by showing you how to create a realistic snapshot of vintage mailboxes!