Animation Bootcamp

Animation Bootcamp

This course is for the motivated student that wants to begin perfecting their animation skills. With a beginner’s understanding of animation with Blender under your belt, the Animation Bootcamp is the next step in your journey to become a first-class animator. Follow along with pro Blender animator, Wayne Dixon, and take that next step!


Watch this brief video to see what the course is all about!

Chapter 1: Developing Your Eye

Learning to animate is learning to see.

Chapter 2: Everything is a Bouncing Ball

Complex animation is a collection of its simple animations. And those simple animations can almost always be analyzed as bouncing balls.

Chapter 3: More Ball Animation Goodness

Not so fast - I'm not done teaching you everything there is learn from bouncing balls!

Chapter 4: Let's not forget Squash & Stretch

This is the last chapter focusing on ball animation. Who knew there was so much to learn from balls?

Chapter 5: Into the Character Realm

We're diving into characters at this point. In this chapter, we cover one more animation principle and introduce you to the VonnBots!

Chapter 6: Can you walk the walk?

Summon all your animation skills to create believable and appealing walk cycles for the Stomp and Rivet VonnBots.

Chapter 7: In Closing

Congrats on finishing the course! If you're wondering where to go from here, this video from Wayne answers that question.

Welcome to the animation bootcamp!

This course is designed for the motivated learner who wants to perfect their animation skills. Before you can truly bring a character to life in a believable way, you will need to learn to control your animation.

It’s recommended that you have a beginners knowledge of animation with Blender. If you’re brand new, consider taking our Fundamentals of Animation course first.

What you will learn


Through focused lessons and exercises (12 in fact) the course fleshes out animation principles like:

  • timing & spacing
  • squash & stretch
  • drag & overlap
  • and more

My goal is for you to understand the foundation for crafting compelling animation; that everything complex is the collection of its simple parts. Like for example, how all motion can be understood in the context of a bouncing ball.

New Characters! “The VonnBots


We will also introduce you to 3 brand new characters, rigged and ready for animation. And by gradually layering the simple principles of animation together in a way that’s easy to understand, you’ll learn to breathe the life that professionals breathe into their characters.


The course is also full of tips and tricks that can help speed up your workflow as well as all the gotchas I wish I had known when I first started animating.


Lesson Questions and Answers

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    Am sorry how much for this course please

    4 weeks ago

  • Replies: 1

    The “project source files” zip seems to be missing chapter 3 blend files. Not a big deal as they can be recreated in a few seconds from one of the exercise files.

    6 months ago

    • Replies: 1

      Chapter 3 continues using the MultiBall rig which is part of chapter 2’s source files. But as far as the obstacle drop scenes, I didn’t set up the project source files to be followed along with the course lesson by lesson unless Wayne identified a file as such. So in general, lessons are designed to be watched and learned from while exercises are designed for application and thus source files are most necessary.

      But we’ve received several comments of confusion regarding the source files. This is the first course where we’ve used exercises as a big part of the course – Clearly I haven’t figured out the best way to organize it all. We’ll continue to brainstorm a better way. My apologies for the confusion.

      5 months ago

      • Yep, I noticed the main download tab had many missing video files. I usually download everything in my hard disk and binge watch later offline. This time, I realized there were some huge gaps between lessons until I realize I had to pay a visit to the exercise sections to download files. That being said, it’s an amazing course with a great instructor.

        4 months ago

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    The Introduction HD: Video is marked as 250mb, but the download is only 21mb..

    6 months ago

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      Whoops – Thanks for the tip! Just updated.

      6 months ago

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    I miss the source files, I got stuck at the end of chapter one.
    Great course though, I’m just beginning but I’m having a real good time.

    6 months ago

    • Replies: 1

      Sorry, I have already found them!

      6 months ago

      • You may have figured out that each exercise has it’s own set of source files. But today I uploaded a set of “Project Source Files” that contain the files referenced by Wayne in the lessons (non-exercises). Sorry for the confusion!

        6 months ago

  • Replies: 2

    Are the source files available?

    6 months ago

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      Sorry, I didn’t see them in the exercises…

      6 months ago

    • Replies: 0

      You may have figured out that each exercise has it’s own set of source files. But today I uploaded a set of “Project Source Files” that contain the files referenced by Wayne in the lessons (non-exercises). Sorry for the confusion!

      6 months ago