NEW Blender Tutorials and Courses Coming to CG Cookie

A lot has been happening behind the scenes...and since we don't like to keep you in the dark about what's cooking, here's your latest peek in the Cookie oven! 

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Course Coming Soon: 3D Mesh Modeling Fundamentals

When: end of February 2020

What it's about: 3D modeling is the absolute foundation of your CG skills. This course will take you from the very basics to independent creation -- the goal is for you to be able to create anything you want in 3D space. 

Why you'll love it: As a bonus, this course will show you how to create a room in the super-popular isometric style. Hello, Instagram likes!

Livestream Coming Soon: What's new in Blender 2.82

When: March 3rd

What it's about:  Blender 2.82 comes with updates to cloth, fluid, and smoke simulation, new shading and rendering options, fun sculpting features, and more. Join the stream to stay on top of all the important changes which will impact your workflow.

Why you'll love it: Livestreams are about interaction. Got any burning questions? Post them on the livestream page and they will be answered during the stream! 

Tutorial Coming Soon: How to create an abstract wireframe in Blender

When: March 2020

What it's about: Learn about creating an abstract wireframe render.  The style of this type of artwork is called plexus (Latin for "branching vessels / nerves"). 

Why you'll love it: Modifiers, particle system and materials -- even volumetrics. This is a fun way to practice different techniques...and end up with an amazing new desktop background! 

Livestream Coming Soon: Modeling Heavy Equipment: Backhoe (Part 1)

When: March 10, 2020

What it's about: Kent Trammell rolls up his sleeves and builds a digger - and he could use your help in this multi-part livestream! 

Why you'll love it: Who doesn't love diggers? All the complex shapes, hard edges, bolts, hydraulics, tire treads -- it's a modeler's playground!

Tutorial Coming Soon: Capturing a Simple Environment Map for Compositing CG Elements

When: mid-March 2020

What it's about: With just a mirror ball as your magical tool, you can use Blender to integrate CG elements into your photographic background.

Why you'll love it: Creating an environment on a budget? This is the ultimate thrifty way to capture your own environment map.

Course Coming Soon: Animation Course For (Not Only) Beginners

When: end of March 2020

What it's about: This whale of a course will cover everything you need to know to get started animation: how to set keyframes, undersatnd the graph editor, have fun with a few rigs. Engaging and hands-on, this is the course to make you fall in love with the magic of animation.

Why you'll love it: If you're learning how to make stuff move to make your own short film or just a fun clip for your social feed, this is the place to start and learn the right habits from the get-go.

Recently Landed: Fundamentals of Digital Sculpting

Why you shouldn't miss it: Kent Trammell put the fun in fundamentals of sculpting with his teethy, shark-themed course. From the very basic tools of 3D sculpting to creating your very own creature, all from a ball of digital clay - it's all in here.

Recently Landed: Creating an Armchair for an Architectural Scene

When: this week!

What it's about: Learn how to model an armchair using a bunch of fun techniques to create the cushions, the pipes, and the final wrinkles.

Why you'll love it: Why buy 3D assets when you can build them yourself? Bonus: this technique can be used on a ton of projects.

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  • koko0

    These all sound awesome and fun, but it sounds like you repeat courses we already have.
    3D Mesh Modeling Fundamentals and Animation Course For (Not Only) Beginners are courses which most of the people who read this post have already taken something similar on CGCookie.

  • cooljjj33

    kkoko0 I think it is good for them to do these as I think they'll be in Blender 2.8 which differs a lot from Blender 2.7x which newer users might struggle with following along if they have 2.8. We still have Kent's anatomy one to look forward to as well. :)

  • anarchymedes

    More VFX, please, please! Tricks for camera and object tracking; combining CG and reality (with or without the use of Apple’s ARKit); clever use of physics/sims... Because right now, if it’s not “for total beginners”, it’s sculpting.

  • peter82

    Three weeks into my membership and I love the content and courses. I signed up to CG Cookie because of the Fundamentals of Digital Sculpting course. I was blown away with Kent's skills and knowledge of blender. I would pay twice as much for a membership. Saying that one thing I am a little upset about is that I think in a few weeks, the Fundamentals of Digital Sculpting will be uploaded to YouTube, so why pay for a membership? I feel like there should be more exclusivity with the content as it leaves me to think that if you are sharing high-level content on YouTube, I am better off just waiting for your free live streams on YouTube. I understand you need to stay relevant on YouTube, but all blender teachers on YouTube are bitting each other's concepts and ideas. I know there other courses that are only for members, but it's stuff like Fundamentals of Digital Sculpting that should stay with paying members only. I don't want to hold back beginners learning blender from YouTube because That's how I got started. Just as a paying member now of an online school it is a little disengaging to think that what I am paying for is next weeks FREE lead magnet on YouTube. Maybe it's early days for me on GC Cookie, but it's just what is coming to my mind at the moment.

  • crew
    Wes Burke (wesburke)

    ppeter82 Hey there, welcome to the Cookie! I'm very happy you're here and thank you for sharing your impressions. To be clear the Fundamentals of Digital Sculpting was not released on YT, and is still exclusive to CGC, if it is on YT let me know at 👍

    Re: Livestreams - you're right that these do get published a few weeks later on YT. Our thinking is the real value is the live interaction with the instructor, but again if we're missing the mark let me know.

    Again, thanks for being a part of the 🍪!


  • crew
    Wes Burke (wesburke)

    aanarchymedes - Agreed, more VFX tutorials would be pretty rad. I've been working to get more variety of topics through our bite-sized tutorials on the site. Some good ones in production. I'll keep digging for more VFX talent to help us out on that front!

  • tinameyer

    good post

  • tinameyer

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