Making a Different Type of Cookie

A training DVD producer. A WordPress site. A multi-discipline learning platform. In the 13 years since I started CG Cookie with Jonathan Williamson, it has morphed countless times before becoming one of the internet’s biggest libraries of Blender training.

CG Cookie, a new direction… 

We’ve been creating things in Blender for a long time. Launched in 2008, CG Cookie became known for our: Blender 2.5 Kara training series, Piero’s Animation and creating a video game with Unity and Blender called Eat Sheep to name a few. 

In recent years you could say we’ve succumbed to the cultural drum of more! Having released nearly 22 solid courses in the past two years, not including live streams or collaborations, we still receive cancellation emails of, “You guys don’t make enough content”. 

Candidly, I’m not happy continuing this way and neither is the team so we’re paving a new path forward. 

Our mission has been to create amazing things with Blender while being a force of good for the community. Each of these things take time and attention. 

In the coming weeks, months, and years we intend to give more time and attention on building stronger connections with our members while creating the most memorable Blender content the community has ever seen. Including a pricing shift with an annual focus. 

I want our creative team to have the space to create the highest quality of Blender training, and our community to embrace the strategy of delayed gratification. Subscribing to the ethos overnight success is a symptom of years of practice and preparation. 

We are shifting our focus to a few major releases each year, giving our creative team the space to give it their all and to make a real difference.


We’re already moving on this, with the upcoming release of HUMAN | Realistic Portrait Creation in Blender which has been in development for the past two years, production has started on our Blender short film Eat Sheep, the planned migration of CG Cookie to our new platform Mavenseed, and we’ve committed to a corporate sponsorship of the Blender Development fund with goals to achieve silver level within two years.  

Kudos to Manu for picking up on the crumbs we’ve been leaving.

Furthermore, we’ve begun opening up invites to our official CG Cookie discord channel. For those who are Blender CG Cookie fanatics, this is a great way to interact in real-time on Blender topics. Don’t fret, the community forum on CGC isn't going anywhere. It's where our instructors primarily hang out and the best place to get questions answered and connect across time zones

In some ways, we’re heading back to where we started nearly 14 years ago. While the changes we’ve made over the years have largely been on the surface, in the end it’s less about hitting an aggressive schedule, it’s about creating relationships, helping others achieve their personal success while leaving a small positive dent on this pale blue dot. 🌍

Thank you for your past, present, and continued support of this silly named project, “CG Cookie”, enabling us to do what we do each and every day. 

🍪 Happy Blending!


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  • Sébastien Lenaerts (slenaerts)

    I think you guys do a terrific job! This place helps me focus on the right elements to actually grasp what's going on! Happy to be a part of the community!

  • ryanocerous777

    I second the sentiment how tremendous a job you guys are doing. CG Cookie has been instrumental to my growth as a 3-D artist. I'm so happy that I was able to find the community.

  • anarchymedes

    I agree with many other users out there that CG Cookie is very good the way it is and frankly, I’m not sure what to make of this talk about ‘shifting the focus to building relationships,’ and what does it have to do with delayed gratification: it’s not like up until now, anyone could ‘order’ a tutorial or a course from CG Cookie, and then sue the company if it didn’t deliver on time (at least I hope not: won’t be surprised otherwise😁).
    But if the bottom line is concentration on quality, rather than quantity, I’ve always been for it. Personally, I’ll take quality over quantity any day, and would rather release less content of the highest quality than a never-ending stream of ‘average’ er… stuff. But I also have to say that a lot of people in the creative community disagree, especially those who make a living by their art (which I don’t, hence my elitism😉). Especially with the advent of social media and the overall focus on maintaining the interest, keeping the audience hooked, one must just release, and release, and release: in software development, it’s called continuous deployment, with the never-ending stream of updates (you’ve noticed, haven’t you?) Take anything: the endless TV series, remakes, sequels. Quality, quite literally, never enters the picture there. Or even these ‘epic’ thriller franchises: the book 18 of the so-and-which series—when the book 4 was already well beyond unreadable!
    I’m afraid you guys are trying to fight the overwhelming trend in the entertainment industry development: not that I personally like this trend, but—well, anyway, may the odds be ever in your favour in this.

  • Ben Reichel (notcastanza)

    I'm really excited for the direction CGCookie is and has been moving. Can't wait to dig into Human.

  • David Soares (donsoarese)

    Thank you CGCookies.
    Keep guiding us in the right direction, please :)

  • primenerg

    You guys are doing great. I honestly think the reason people say there is not enough tutorials or courses is because they do not know how to practice. Courses tell you about techniques and how to do things but practice is were the actual learning is. If anything, I think that would be the biggest thing CG Cookie could do more of. Just community challenges to make things of different difficulty levels so people have a guide for practice, and than since the community is working on the same thing, we can help each other.

  • crew
    Wes Burke (wesburke)

    pprimenerg That's encouraging to hear and one of the driving reasons for the community challenges. Though we could certainly do more of encouraging practice through exercises and guides. Iimagine a Blender practice downloadable guide or something for your first year with check-boxes... 🤔

  • Ingmar Franz (duerer)

    CG Cookie isn't only a great place to learn but a wonderful community as well 😀! The "Piero" animation course, where I just need to finish the animation 😉, as well as the collaboration projects 2020 "Modeling Heavy Equipment (Backhoe)" (1) and 2021 "HQ - Stylized Fantasy Environment" (2) are my personal highlights and I'can barely wait for Kent's " HUMAN | Realistic Portrait Creation in Blender" course to start. I thank you, the whole CG Cookie team, for the great job you're doing 😀👍!


  • totspots

    If I could jump on pprimenerg 's suggestion here. I've been inactive on CG Cookie for the last year because I started following real-life in school 3D classes. The biggest, biggest advantage of such an approach is 'currated content, in a specified order, with assignments/exercises that are within your ability to perform at that point in time'.
    That is the absolute biggest advantage. When you are taking 3D courses on your own and want to practice you never quite know where to set the bar. What kind of exercise is the right kind to practice and really learn what you've seen in the courses. What is too difficult? What is a bit of a challenge, but doable? What is the right difficulty.

    CGCookie has so much quality content already, but to really learn, you have to practice. The courses themselves could have 'assignment briefs' or something at the end describing a (possibly) elaborate assignment. Or the learning flows could have assignments in between courses. You do the first X courses (which have their exercises) and then after that, you have the right foundation for tackling this assignment.

    I think it could fit with the 'shifting focus to building relationships'. People could then get help and talk to others about the assignments/challenges. Now, I have to admit, I say this not being quite familiar with all the challenges that you have been hosting, so my apologies if it's redundant.
    Anyway, that's my idea after comparing the online approach to 'standard education'. Hope it helps. Keep up the great work :)


  • Florian W (elcangrejo)

    Love you guys!

  • serapf

    No one cares about my opinion, I think, but I cant, or hardly can pay the yearly membership in a single payment, but can a monthly. So whats wrong with monthly billing?

  • crew
    Wes Burke (wesburke)

    sserapf As long as you keep your current monthly subscription active, nothing will change. 👍 You're grandfathered in!

    The focus on annuals moving forward helps communicate value and expectations on both sides. Monthly renewals tend to presume monthly content. Which we've been close to hitting with 22-course releases in the last 24 months. Though is simply not sustainable by our small team.

    Instead, challenging ourselves to push Blender farther, creating memorable Blender content for you to consume. While allowing the time and space to answer questions, and be in your corner.

    Having said that, I'm not opposed to an annual commitment with monthly billing, just technically not able to offer it at the moment.


  • dpierce

    Sounds good! More of a subscription based "Udemy" but if the courses will be detailed and longer than the mostly brief, and quick high level explanation that they currently are, I whole Heartedly accept the change.

  • Colette Franqui (cfranqui83)

    I love everything you all do and I am excited for your future and what I can learn from you all next! Keep it going!

  • williamb

    I obviously enjoy CGCOOKIE but I'm curious why I see new cookie content on Youtube that doesn't show up on the GCOOKIE site?

  • crew
    Wes Burke (wesburke)

    wwilliamb Youtube has been great for publishing quick tips, and single video Blender tutorials. Bite-sized snacks if you will. Additionally helping introduce the Cookie to those new to Blender.

    Keeping the platform(pile of cookies) here focused on in-depth Blender training courses & instructor support.

  • gfjarvis3

    This sounds like a really good plan. I like the new focus. I am sorry that for the foreseeable future renewing my citizenship is not possible. I always felt that CGC provided excellent content.

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