Invite a Friend to CG Cookie, Get $10 for Both of You!

Calling all CG Cookie Evangelists: Bring a Friend Over!

"Studies have shown" [Morgan Freeman voice] that most new Cookieheads land here because friends told them to. 

(We know...If your friends told you to jump off a cliff, would you do it, too?)  (Yes, if there were cookies.)

Now, referring your friends is even more fun. If you are a CG Cookie Citizen and bring in a new CG Cookie member and you both get $10 off as a thank you!

How does it work? Read on [but keep your inner Morgan Freeman voice activated]

Am I eligible to Give $10, Get $10?

Condition #1: You like CG Cookie.

Condition #2: You have an active monthly, quarterly or yearly CG Cookie membership. (Note that you must have signed up via credit card or PayPal. Unfortunately, you cannot participate if you signed up using a gift card or a manual invoice.)

Condition #3: You have at least 1 friend who is looking to seriously step up their digital art game. 

Tip: if you have zero artist friends, please head to our community forum and say hi! We're a friendly bunch. 

When do I get the $10?

Your $10 will be taken off your next membership payment after your friend has been a member for 75 days.

Your friend will get $10 off their first membership payment after signing up.

Let's do this! How do I become a referrer?

Head to the affiliate section on your dashboard and register by agreeing to the Terms and Conditions (pretty standard stuff).

You will get your own affiliate link to share with friends.

If your friend signs up within 30 days of clicking the link, the referral will count as activated!

Can I invite multiple people?

Yep, you can invite more than one friend! There is no upper limit.

However, you cannot stack coupons on top the referral discount. e.g. new referred members could not use a 20% off coupon + get the $10 off referral discount.

Why Should I Help you Promote CG Cookie?

We are a bootstrapped company, meaning we've never taken outside investment. Our platform is community driven and we only invest minimally in marketing. 

The absolute majority of the money we make goes right back into the Cookie, paying for production of new training. Recently, we let go of our brick-and-mortar studio to become even more efficient and nimble. You'll find no flying Teslas in our garages!

Membership payments allows us to keep doing this. If you believe we do it well, we'd appreciate your help spreading the word.

Get started by creating your referral link.


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