Nita Ravalji: "Digital Artists, Let The World Know You Are Here!"

Nita is a CG artist from Mumbai, India. She first caught our eye with her colorful gallery on CG Cookie full of playful, colorful renders and her knack for telling a story with a single picture. Today, she operates her own animation studio. She was more than happy to share her work process with us, as well as advice for aspiring professional artists.

How do you find your inspiration for images?

Most of my inspiration comes from Pinterest. I also like to visit Behance and Artstation. Other artists' work make me want to work harder to achieve their level of quality!

"My Ride"

Do you have a set time limit for each piece?

I am a very lazy person when it comes to personal projects. Having no deadline means I take forever to complete the work, and creating self-imposed limits just doesn't work for me. I really love contests, though. I feel a real rush taking part in competitions, with tight deadlines and rules to follow. The biggest benefit is that I always hit the deadlines, no matter how many nights I have to stay up. Challenge accepted!

How do you fight the urge to keep tweaking a piece forever and never releasing it?

I spend lot of my time researching, I never start my project until I have a clear mental image of that art in mind. Once the output matches that image, I stop working on it.

"My Superman" is Nita's gift for her father's birthday. "He loved it so much," says Nita.

You are a generalist: why did you decide against specializing in digital art? 

I started my career as an animator. The studio where i used to work made the switch to Blender, which was a turning point in my career. I learned everything in Blender as an animator. I also attempted a lot of contests at Blender Guru, which hugely improved my skills. Right now, I am more focused on look development. 


What keeps you up at night?

I should say stray dogs barking...but, really, it is deadlines that usually keep me up!

You run your own animation studio, what is a typical day for you like?

Running an animation studio ( basically means working all day long. It's tough, but there are some beautiful projects we are going to be releasing in few months!

"What is the best wedding gift you can give to friend if you are an artist?"

You create digital art for a living; what advice do you have for others out there who are hoping to turn their hobby into a career?

What really works best is to keep working and let world know you are there Make an attractive website, create a bold portfolio on Artstation or Behance, get noticed on social media. This really helped me a lot to get clients. It's essential to find different ways to commit to your art and keep focused.

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  • Chetan Ranjan (ranjancnr)

    I was searching for blender movies on Youtube when I came across weybec studios. Looking at there work using blender really inspired me a lot. I love the maggie mummy and modern medusa. Thanks cookie people and Nita Ravalji

  • Jasmine Wongus (jazze)

    Beautiful works, and I see that it's okay to be a generalist! I think that must be what I am, ha ha!

  • Gary Wright II (cleverthings)

    My love for your art goes deeper than just admiration and appreciation of great work, there is just so much personality that is being conveyed with just a single frame. If I had to describe it in a word: delightful! Thanks for sharing your process, and I look forward to following your studio to see what you do next. Amazing work!

  • zalewapuxa

    Amazing, I love all the arts that you have shown here can I download it so I can use it as a wallpaper. I tried to download this from here but It's not doing can you tell me how can I do this.

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