Spring is here: let's plant some trees together!

For the Love of Trees

Trees are nature assets. You may have seen one in real life, aka the stuff that happens when you move away from the computer. If you ever meet a tree, don't worry, they are not dangerous.

Besides being great in nature scenes, trees also create oxygen, a molecule which is pretty awesome because it cools off your CPU.

As a secondary feature, these magical plants stabilize soil, provide shelter for wildlife and store carbon. They also give us material to build houses, furniture, and paper. One large tree can supply a day's worth of oxygen for up to 4 people, not to mention dozens of other incredible tree superpowers and positive impact on our planet.

In short: trees rule!

Spring is in the Air and CG Cookie is Ready to Plant

As an online business that is run on servers (like, lots of them), we are pretty aware of our own carbon footprint. 

And while we are convinced that technology makes the world a better place, we are mindful of ways to reduce CG Cookie's negative impact on our planet. Last year, we got rid of a brick-and-mortar office. This year, we're grabbing some shovels and going plantin'! Well, not literally - instead, we partnered with a group of peeps who are much better at it than us.

Planting New Trees is Easier Than You May Think

OneTreePlanted.org is a non-profit organization that specializes in reforestation across 3 continents. 

They collect donations from across the world and plant new trees at minimal cost (as low as $1 per tree) with the ultimate goal to promote the reforestation of our planet. This initiative is so inspiring to us, we decided to jump on board and make a little green difference. It's spring, after all!

1 New CG Cookie Member in April = 2 Trees Planted

For the whole of April, we will plant 2 trees via OneTreePlanted for each CG Cookie membership subscription (whether yearly, quarterly or monthly).

Starting on April 1st, we will be tracking new membership subscriptions and sending our contribution to OneTreePlanted at the end of the month. 

Track the progress of our campaign here.

How you can help!

Spread the Word, Make This Planet Greener

Whether you are a CG Cookie member or not, we would love it if you spread the word about OneTreePlanted. Planting new trees is easier and more affordable than most of us think and this small effort goes a long way.

Donate to OneTreePlanted here  Remember that you don't have to sign up, or be a CG Cookie user to contribute. This is all about our favorite mega plants!

You can support the initiative from anywhere in the world and choose the region where you wish your tree to be planted.

The result is a far-reaching positive environmental impact, from fresher air to new habitat for wildlife. And warm&fuzzy feeling for you, guaranteed.

Join us this April and let's plant some trees!

We'll be reporting on the initiative throughout the month and would love to hear from you: are you in?

Update: As of May 1st, we've donated $1,311, which will equate to 1,311 more trees to have their chance. 

Donate today: Donate to OneTreePlanted here  

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  • Rita Geraghty (ritag)

    Let's plant not only trees, also wild flowers so to save bees and other insects.
    Leave daffodils alone. Keep them for bumble bees as they are rich in nectar and pollen. Heatwaves from last year had drastically reduced insect populations. Save the insects this year. We need bees to pollinate trees, flowers, fruits and vegetables. Without bees, nations can face global famine and die within 4 years.
    Don't throw away your rotten bananas. Save them for butterflies.

  • Ricardo Hauffe (superwal7)

    I love your idea and totally agree with you. Thank you CG Cookie for going green :).

  • William Miller (williamatics)

    I refuse to bow down and server nature. Nature should serve us.

  • Zsolt Cseh (csehz)

    Wes that is a great initiation, thanks for it in the name of the Earth and with pleasure donated.

    Rita +1 as very true, much more and harmonized actions would be required to restore the nature and somehow save our planet for the next generation. When thinking to this, always hoping that it is not too late

  • anarchymedes

    I live close to tropical rainforest, and this is what trees occasionally do here:
    And this is who some eco-warriors turn out to be:
    Sorry: I don’t like the Greenies. By all means, let’s do our best to lessen our environmental footprint: when an electric car can take me all the way from Darwin to Cairns (see the map of Australia) like my petrol-fed Kia did six months ago, I’ll gladly buy one. But all the Greenies and their more angry and aggressive cousins Vegans do is disrupting and rising obstacles: stop, block, ban, and so on. I hate that—and so, am sorely tempted to pollute the environment just to spite them. Sorry again, but that’s the truth.

  • Rita Geraghty (ritag)

    You have a new big program. Governments around trees cut for 5G wireless.

  • Rita Geraghty (ritag)

    Sorry for my writing error in my last comment. I meant to write: "You have a new big *problem. Governments around the globe want trees cut for 5G wireless.

  • crew
    Wes Burke (wesburke)

    Hey everyone, thank you for the support of this small initiative. as of today we've raised just over $1,000! 🎉

  • crew
    Wes Burke (wesburke)

    Morning ☕️Just sent over $142 for the new sign-ups to CG Cookie last week. Thanks again for the continued support.

  • crew
    Wes Burke (wesburke)

    Hey there, just sent $126 over to the drive from CG Cookie's signups last week. 🌳🍪 Just a couple more days to go!

  • crew
    Wes Burke (wesburke)

    Whoop! That's a wrap - massive thank to all that contributed and helped make last month a successful one, donating $1,311 in total to give 1,311 trees a chance. Have a great May and see you on the cookie! 🍪

  • pummelupagus

    I was one of those new members!
    At $2/new member and $1311 total for the trees, that makes 655 1/2 members... who was the 1/2 member?

  • crew
    Wes Burke (wesburke)

    ppummelupagus Yay! Welcome to the Cookie 🍪and glad to have you! One half of a cookie is no fun for anybody, though not all donations came directly from CG Cookie.

    https://www.classy.org/team/221277 There were some individual donations that helped get us up to the $1,300 mark. 👍

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