Download our Ready-to-Use Animation Rigs "VonnBots" (now Blender 2.8 Beta Compatible!)

As you already know, the official release of Blender 2.8 is approaching.  Yay!

But with such a massive change to the software, it becomes difficult to follow older animation tutorials. Boo!

We're Getting CG Cookie Training Ready for Blender 2.8

At CG Cookie, we are aware of this and will be working hard to update all the content as soon as technically possible.  At the time of writing this, the software is still changing daily, which makes any updates to our videos about as effective as brushing your teeth while eating poppy seed muffins.

The good news is: the principals of animation are like the laws of physics. They don't change! 

That means that our animation courses are 100% relevant regardless of the version of Blender you are using. The only difference is what buttons you push.

Animation Bootcamp Exercises Are Now Updated for Blender 2.8 Beta

Some of you savvy Blender users are aware of this and have been happily using the bleeding edge versions of Blender 2.8 to follow along with all the CGCookie courses. Go, you mad and wonderful trail blazers!

You’ll be happy to know that we have updated the downloadable exercise files for our super-comprehensive Animation Bootcamp course to include Blender 2.8 compatible versions. 

Most of those compatibility changes were cosmetic; for instance, we cleaned up the file structure to make it easier to work with. However, there have been a few big upgrades to the characters. Which leads me to my main announcement...


Our beloved animation-ready rigs, the trio of Vonnbots, is now Blender 2.8 compatible!

Animation-Ready Robot Rig Characters, Now Blender 2.8 Compatible

We designed the VonnBots for beginner-to-intermediate animators.

The rigs are very capable but not bloated with tons of controls and they are ready both for animation and for rendering.

Here are the most recent updates, making the VonnBots yet more awesome:

- They are now linkable in the new collection system that has been implemented

- The UI script has been updated to work with the python api changes

- They now include support for EEVEE (as well as Cycles)!

Known issues:

-At the moment, it is not possible to hide the specific body parts when the characters are linked

ie - the antenna and arms (but this visibility feature works when the rig is local)

-You need to link/append the UI script as well as the rig. (This isn't automatic like in the older version of Blender)

We will look at getting those 2.8 bugs fixed as soon as possible.

Look how shiny the VonnBot Animation Rigs are!

If you're ready to take them for a spin, download the VonnBots from our resources now (available to CG Cookie members only).

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