Course: Crash Course Breakout – Mecanim

In this Crash Course Breakout, we are going to discuss using Unity’s Mecanim Animation System. This Breakout is divided into 3 videos and is designed to give you a basic yet fundamental understanding of how Mecanim works.

Source files available. Download from lesson one. 

Video One : Preparing the character

In the first video, we will begin to explore Mecanim by taking a look how to create your own animations. I will discuss my method for animating a character and introducing root motion from cyclic animation. We will also being the configuration process and Mecanim Setup.

*This video uses Autodesk Maya for demonstrative purposes. Any 3D app can be used for the techniques discussed.  







Video Two: Configuring the avatar

In this video, we pick up from video one and look at splitting our animation into multiple clips. We will also look at both the Generic and Humanoid animation types.












Video Three:  Working with the Animation Controller

In video three, we will create the Animation Controller and look at how to add clips and create transitions between them. Using a player script, I will show how to code user Input to affect the clip transitions.



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2 Responses to “Crash Course Breakout – Mecanim”
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    I am still working through this and trying to get a handle on how to use MecAnim in Unity. Looks like 4.3 has added/changed a lot of things related to animation and MecAnim. I’m looking forward to any updates to this breakout and your previous animation one.

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    jjdeveloper says:

    Hi, I asked this on Dan Goslin’s page, maybe it is better placed here?
    I’m having trouble using my animations that I made in Blender as animations for my Character Controller in Unity. Do I have to export it as an FBX file? I’ve read that Unity supports .blend now, and it is working fine for all my non-animations.

    Unity successfully imports my .blend animations, but for my Character Controller, only plays one animation, once, at the beginning, and nothing more. In fact, it doesn’t play the animation, but poses the character in the ending animation of the pose. I have made JavaScript scripts that call the animations upon button press, but have not luck…

    The animations play in the Inspector.

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