Course: Building and Scripting a Gun Turret for Unity 3D

Creating a Gun Turret for a Game in Unity

Everybody loves that part of a game where you get to control the Big Giant Turret Gun- now it’s your turn to create that experience in Unity! Whether you are planning a Tailgunner style game, Flying Fortress, Mech Suit, Anti-Aircraft Gun, or anything else, this Citizen series has you covered.


What the Unity Game Engine Course Covers:

You will learn how to model, animate, texture, export, and script your turret for use in the Unity 3D game engine. Your final turret will even feature animation-synced firing, smooth-follow rotation, a custom glowing HUD, and many more features. Along the way, you will also learn many very handy game-creation skills such as custom normal maps, emmisive textures, and utilizing the Alpha Channel, optimization, animation, and more.

Once you have everything built and working, take a look at the bonus tutorials to advance your game even further!

Videos 1 – 7 are in 3D Studio Max for the building of the assets, Video 8 then begins the integration into Unity.

Software used: 3DS Max 2010, Photoshop CS5 and Unity 3.5