Unity Contest: Comment to Win Green Stash – Mesh Plants

Unity Contest

We’ve been pretty busy with our first internal Unity game project “Eat Sheep” these past few weeks, and we really cannot share out excited we are with Unity. So feeding off of this excitement we are bringing the comment contest to Unity Cookie! So get your keyboards ready for this ocular shocking experience that would make an Ewok dance.

How does it work?

All you have to do scroll down and leave a “single” comment on this post. You must use your “real” e-mail address so we may contact you if you win. But as usual you may keep your super secret elite hacker name if you would like on the comment.

Then on Monday, January  30th at an indiscriminate time in the morning we will close the comments and randomly pick a lucky Unity user and post the winners name here (once they have accepted).

You (If you are the winner) then you will receive the awesome prize below.


Green Stash Collection by 3D Attack for Unity (View web Player)

It’s a pack of various plants coming in 3 to 4 different LOD’s along with plenty of extra terrain splat textures and additional Mushrooms and even 2 animated Butterflies.



Wait you are just trying to collect e-mail addresses! I am on to your game.

No conspiracy theory flick here, your e-mail will not be published, or auto signed up on some newsletter selling lost coins, or invisibility cloaks.

How many times can I comment?

Please only comment once. In the case of multiple comments we will only count your first comment in order to give everyone a fair shot.