Tutorial: Introduction to Unity Prefabs

Getting started with Unity Prefabs

We’ll be learning about that wondrous little thing called the “Unity Prefab” in this tutorial- quite possibly the fix for many of your troubles (Unity related, that is), and most certainty the salvation of your sanity.

Prefabs allow you to create anything in unity- as complex as you like- and save it out for later use. Better yet, you can then edit the original, and have it instantly update all other copies of it, or edit the copies indivually and keep certain properties “global”, apply changes from one to many in a single click, and more. Not making sense in writing? Watch the tutorial already! You will thank yourself a thousand times over.

What is covered in this tutorial:
– Creating a new Prefab
– Editing the Prefab “globally”
– Editing the Prefab “locally”
– Applying changes from an in-game Prefab to all other Prefabs
– Reverting a changed Prefab to the base Prefab
– Breaking the Prefab link

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7 Responses to “Tutorial: Introduction to Unity Prefabs”
  1. Posts: 46

    Nice wasn’t sure what prefabs were when hearing about them but I’ll be sure to check out the video soon!


  2. Posts: 33
    Gary Parkin says:

    Wow! #2.
    A prefab is awesome. I use them as much as I can for keeping things together.

  3. Posts: 33
    Gary Parkin says:

    Oh! Happy New Year Everyone!

  4. Posts: 1
    T1 says:

    I was following a game tutorial where they explained a lot of things but not what and how to use a prefab. I like to understand stuff very good before using it. So I was wondering what prefab really was.

    I found 3 places wherefrom this introduction to prefab was soo great that I just have to call it awesome. You explain it so I got it after 2.30 mins and the example just made it much more easier to understand it.

    I thank you a lot and will probably end up watching more vids from you. /me bookmarks this.

  5. Posts: 6
    tantrumus says:

    How do you make prefabs of several models linked together and set a certain way?

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