Tutorial: Introduction to Lighting in Unity

Understanding Lighting in Unity

In this video Unity Tutorial we will be exploring unity 3D’s lighting. This will cover moving lights, and the various light types in the Unity 3D Game Engine. Talk briefly on why you would like to use each one and why they are different. We  will also cover things such as point lights and directional lights.

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19 Responses to “Tutorial: Introduction to Lighting in Unity”
  1. Posts: 46

    oooo I need to catch up on all the other tutorials! Great stuff!

    Jeremy Deighan

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    walreu says:

    Good basic tutorial, but i seriously hope that you guys have
    Unity Pro:s there or plan to get the trial of Pro for upcoming videos,
    it feels weird that you skip explaining shadow types like that. Also, showing ambient light from render settings would have been nice. It’s quite relevant to basic lighting.

    • Posts: 62
      Wes Burke says:

      Thank you for the feedback and quite a bit more is scheduled. 😉

  3. Posts: 8

    you guys have me worried with the indie competition i might get from people you guys encourage :)

    • Posts: 8
      Aaron Symons says:

      Creativity and unique ideas beat all else! …for the most part it seems. 😛

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    Is there a way to make the non-lit areas completely black rather than a neutral grey?

    • Posts: 3
      walreu says:

      You need to set ambient light to black from render settings..

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    Aaron Symons says:

    Might be a silly question; why do we have ‘Range’ as well as ‘Intensity’? In reality, the intensity of a light source determines the its range of affect.

    Anywho… 😀

    Thanks for this little video. Makes me realise I need to scout and dig around Unity, find all those gems. :)

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    Emmanuel Woo says:

    sir i am also having a problem here regarding the video being viewed as a private on my account, in term i’m blocked from viewing this video, is this a problem on my account do i need to fix something on my account settings, cause i think i’m the only one experiencing this problem, and i do not want to trouble you anymore, if only i could post some screen shots to show you the problems i’m encountering, hope you can help me again, thank you and MP. :)

  7. Posts: 62
    Wes Burke says:

    Hey guys – sorry a vimeo system wide update seems to have triggered some of our videos to go private. Should be fixed on this one!

    • Posts: 4
      Emmanuel Woo says:

      thank you again for the response and the action sir, again Thank you.

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    Tom Adamson says:

    How do I make all objects dark in my scene so that nothing shows unless I put a light on it?


    • Posts: 158
      Metalix says:

      you need to disable default light in the upper shelf (“toggle built in lighting on or off”)

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      Metalix says:

      Because there is no specific direction.
      You can add gobos/cookies to point lights by using a sphere with transparency around it.

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