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Citizen Resource: Complete Robot Character – Vonn-901 V1

Welcome to another Citizen Friday. Each Friday we are working to produce Citizen content. If you’re not a Citizen, no worries and no need to draw a picture of a monster eating sheep. This isn’t affecting the amount of free tutorials/content to hit the site on a weekly basis. Basically we are just working harder. Of course you are welcome to sign-up today to get access to this exclusive and many more.

Note: While Unity Cookie is still ramping up, we can’t guarantee weekly exclusives. As the traffic increases we can release exclusives more consistently.

This Citizen Exclusive resource is a complete, animated character model that is ready to toss into your Unity game. The resource includes the full model, complete with textures, animations and the .blend file for customizing it in Blender.

This resource is available free to all Citizen members: https://cgcookie.com/membership

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41 Responses to “Citizen Resource: Complete Robot Character – Vonn-901 V1”
  1. Posts: 3

    Waaaa Cool! I’ve been waiting on the 3d version of this little guy. Thank You! I want to build a few different ones like him. Having him as an example is awesome.

  2. Posts: 33
    Gary Parkin says:

    I was just going to ask if I missed the creation of this little guy.
    Thank you. I can’t wait to get back into Unity again. I learned a while back how to create an outdoor environment with trees, but not the connection between Unity and Blender.

  3. Posts: 10
    Daniel Wentzell Jr. says:

    Great resource Jonathan,

    Thanks so much! Couldn’t have come at a better time. Between you, Tim, Wes and now the new Unity Cookie y’all are keeping me busy’er than a hive full of bees being assualted by a hungry honey bear!!! LOL


  4. Posts: 3

    I’m a little disappointed, the box didn’t come with him.lol. He is still awesome though.

  5. Posts: 33
    Gary Parkin says:

    What’s most exciting is that according to Jonathan, he/Von will be evolving. Maybe we can create an animation for him to grab stuff and then work on a role play type of game where he has an inventory. I’ve always wanted to create one of those since I played Alone in the dark (too many years ago on an Apple 2e).
    I’m soooo glad I joined.

    • Posts: 3

      how loang have you been using Blender Gary? I’ve only been using it for about 4 months and have already made a few animations and quite a few models. I’ve dabbled a little with unity but I’m more of an animation artist I think. I’ve been drawing since i could hold a pencil so I have alot of ideas from over the years I want to convert to CG.

      • Posts: 33
        Gary Parkin says:

        Hi pendrake
        I’ve been using Blender for about 2 years now. I slowly converted from 3ds Max and Maya to blender. I hated Blender when I first started it. Then I came to Blender Cookie.
        Life with Blender has been a love affair ever since.
        My first tutorial was with Jonathan, and I completed it without any issues. Edge loops are the holy grail of Blender.
        BlenderCookie, BlenderGuru and BlenderNerd sites are some of the best around.
        I’ve since taken BlenderGuru’s nature course, and joined BlenderCookie.
        I don’t draw characters by pencil very well, but buildings I can. I mostly got into Blender to draw architectural projects. I love animation too, and I’ve been so caught up in modeling that I haven’t done much animation.
        Unity looks like a great add-on to my Blender mental resume, and I’m looking forward to learning it.

  6. Posts: 1
    John Garrett says:

    Fantastic work, Jonathan!

    I hope in addition to an upcoming Modeling series, you will have also Texturing, Lighting, and Rigging.

    In fact if you were considering making it a total series, I would pay actual money for it!


  7. Posts: 2
    Danny Kneip says:

    Really an awesome and exciting model and will be fun to follow this character from his beginnings, through his adventures and to his ultimate legendary status. :) Thank you very much!

  8. Posts: 2
    dionne theakstone says:

    <— I wont to play with him!! Could one of you guys give me the link to download the Unity program we are all using?? i have a 64bit windows OS..
    I hope i can follow along in Unity, Are the keyboard shortcuts the same? I got alot to learn!

    • Posts: 2
      dionne theakstone says:

      Im going to visit the GETTING STARTED link at the top of page… LOL im a idiot sometimes :)

      • Posts: 33
        Gary Parkin says:

        Hi icblendz
        I too have have a 64bit windows OS, and it doesn’t matter. From what I was reading in the forums, Unity is 32bit. :(
        I mostly switched to Windows 7 32bit to run Bender correctly.
        You should find all that you need in the Getting Started link above.
        Good luck!

  9. Posts: 16

    This is a great resource. I think the best way for me to learn Unity will be to do small projects at a time, so it will be helpful having a pre-made character to toss in for testing purposes.

  10. Posts: 1
    Alan Garza says:

    I have learned so much from this website and this little guy is going to help so much more. Thank you to everyone for all that you do here. :)

  11. Posts: 5

    Were in Blender can I view the other animation sets. I can only preview the the idle pose.

    Is there a tutorial on adding more than one animation/pose (like the idle)?
    I get that you use the time line.. but if I wanted to add my own pose???
    or edit the others were would this be done at?

    Sorry, for all the questions..

  12. Posts: 1

    If you don’t mind i would like to make some suggestions for future versions of this little guy.
    1) Slightly higher poly count, especially on the head.
    2) Emissive and animated eyes.
    3) Moveable mouth.
    4) Jet pack. I was thinking about doing this myself but i figured you guys can do a much better job.
    5) More animations, i won’t list any here. I’m sure some are already in the works.
    6) And of course, all heros need a weapon.

    Thanks for everything, you guys are awesome!!!

    • Posts: 33
      Gary Parkin says:

      I’d like to see a grab and drop animation added please. This way we can put him into an RPG type game.

      “6) And of course, all heros need a weapon.” Well if he can’t talk his way out of it then there’s always the BFG9000. LOL

  13. Posts: 1
    bobreg says:

    Really good work and so useful. I love where this is going. Thank you CGcookie.

    • Posts: 46

      Absolutely! You can even use those modifications, and the original robot for anything you like, including commercial projects. Call it a perk of being a Citizen :)

  14. Posts: 46

    Are there tutorials on proper texturing and animating techniques specifically for Unity in Blender?

  15. Posts: 1
    steve temple says:

    Could you help when I download any resource files I cannot open them please advise

  16. Posts: 6

    Good! More tuts on Texturing are always welcome.

    It’s the one thing I find most difficult; note most difficult. I am finally getting somewhat competent partly thanks to Jonathon and CG Cookie.

  17. Posts: 1
    Piotr Turlej says:

    Hi to everyone I ‘am new in blender, and I’am looking for little support:)
    Can you just recommend me a tutorial ( with this robot will be great) how to make character from scratch.
    I’am a citizen of course.
    Thank you in advance

  18. Posts: 1

    Cool, a fully rigged animated, model to play with!
    I’ll love him and pet him and stroke his metal fur!

    Great to have a model to tear apart and learn.


  19. Posts: 1

    Hi CG – it appears that your links are broken – can you please rectify….

  20. Posts: 3

    Download Source file link is broken. Pls fix it. I am not able to download the files.

    • Posts: 3

      Below is the error I am getting:-

      404 Not Found

      Code: NoSuchKey
      Message: The specified key does not exist.
      Key: resources/citizen_resource_robot_vonn901_v1.zip

    • Posts: 62
      Wes Burke says:

      Fixed! Thank you for the extra set of eyes on the site!

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