Unity: Introduction to Animation

An intro to Animation within Unity, this tutorial is designed for users who know the basics of the Unity UI, but have not animated before. Automatic and Manual Keyframing, curves, and animation properties are discussed.

What is covered in this tutorial:
-Opening the Animation window
-Creating a new Animation
-Keyframing via both Manual and Automatic methods
-Basic Curve Editing
-Saving the finished Animation, applying it to an objectn

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9 Responses to “Unity: Introduction to Animation”
  1. Posts: 1
    Leandro says:

    Hey guys, this new section will help a lot to new game devs… thanks a lot for your effort!

  2. Posts: 11
    greg says:

    It is great to see you are starting off unity with the basics, when I first used it, I got totally lost in it, this is a great “foundation” that you are building here!

    • Posts: 37
      Gabriel Williams says:

      Thanks, glad to hear! Basics are important, and even I, upon looking at other “basic” tutorials, still find little helpful tips/tricks that I somehow never knew…

  3. Posts: 1
    asfd says:

    Did all steps exactly like in the video and still cant make my cube to move.

  4. Posts: 37
    Gabriel Williams says:

    Hi Oa111- hmm, a couple of the usual “gotchas”:

    Make sure to…
    -Hit the red “record” button?
    -Place a keyframe at the starting position?
    -Place a keyframe at the moved positions?
    -save the animation?
    -apply the animation to the cube? (This is the most often forgotten- in fact, I think at the end of my tutorial, I realized I had forgotten it, and add it in there.)

    Hopefully one of those helps, otherwise let me know here, we’ll work it out! :)

  5. Posts: 1
    francis says:

    wow..this is very nice tutorial. thank you very much for this

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    Jesse Trader says:

    I freakin love these!!! I felt so good about myself when i made the objects with physics. I then made a domino test, and it worked great! I’m 14, and i’ve really been wanting to learn about this stuff, so thank you :) I used your blender tutorials a couple years ago, so im glad to have found these! Thanks again!

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    jillmitchell says:

    Good tutorial.
    Is there a reason my inspector does not show in the animation window?
    I added the animation componet to the cube.
    The cube is selected and I cannot see any inspector like properties.

  8. Posts: 1

    The AnimationClip ‘H_sitWalk_32′ used by the Animation component ‘controleur’ must be marked as Legacy.
    what i have to do about this :(

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