Unity: Intro to User Interface Part 1

A brief overview of the Unity User Interface, helping newcomers better understand the UI, become knowledgable of the important areas and their uses, and pave the way for more in-depth tutorials.

What is covered in this tutorial:
-A Broad View of the major UI Areas: Scene View, Project and Hierarchy Panes, Inspector, Game View
-Navigation in the Scene View
-Overview of the upper menu bar
-Overview of various buttons, tips, and common issues

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18 Responses to “Unity: Intro to User Interface Part 1”
  1. Posts: 3

    yay! unity cookie is now up XD
    now i can get better at unity, and eventually make a game XD
    i love cgcookie…

    • Posts: 37
      Gabriel Williams says:

      Eventually? You mean ALMOST RIGHT AWAY.
      That’s right folks, step right up and WITNESS the AMAZING Unity Engine that’ll allow you to be makin’ games in no time!

      Proof, you ask?

      The final GSWU tutorial will walk you through making your first game in just 15 MINUTES!*

      *actual time may vary

    • Posts: 12
      Jerry Miller says:

      We should all work on a HUGE game project XD…

      I KNOW! Make Sintel into a RPG

  2. Posts: 1
    poifox says:

    Audio is way to low :S

    • Posts: 37
      Gabriel Williams says:

      Hmm, you are right indeed- sorry for that, hopefully can be fixed up soon!

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    Awesome tutorial, though quick question. Due to the way my computer is set up, I am unable to use a standard mouse. I don’t have a good place to put one. TO make due I use a 4 button Logitech Tracball mouse instead. Is there a way to make changes in Unity so that I may be able to use the mouse wheel functions with my Tracball? If not, are there alternative key bindings I can use instead?

    • Posts: 37
      Gabriel Williams says:

      Hi Standfall- you can change some of the keys in the “Edit > Preferences > Keys” area, if that helps.

      For moving in the viewport without a mouse wheel, you can use the FPS controls. Hit “q” to enter “view mode”, and then use W,S,A,D just as you would in an FPS to move forward/back/left/right (respectively), and Q,E to move up/down. You can then use the standard alt+left click to rotate your view, too, of course.

      Also, if you want to stay in a tool mode (ie not hit “q” to enter view mode), just use the arrow keys at enytime. Hope this helps! :)

  4. Posts: 4
    Alex W says:

    Hey guys
    I’ve got a question about this video.
    I never ever used Unity before and now i’d like to start without any Unity-knowledge.
    So i started with this videos but I’ve seen that this is an older Unity Version than the actuall 3.5.
    Does it make scence to watch these videos.
    I can remember how hard it was to change from Blender 2.4 to 2.5
    Is it the same in Unity?
    (I hope you understand me ;D I have to improve my english 😉 )

    • Posts: 268

      As of posting, this is the latest version of Unity- and generally, Unity is very good about keeping interface things the same between versions.

  5. Posts: 2
    Thomas says:

    The audio is still very low, I’m having a hard time hearing it with 100% volume. :(

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      Hmm, did you make sure that both the YouTube player volume is up, and your windows/mac/etc volume is up? It’s playing okay here, definitely a bit low but once I maxed both it was fairly loud.

      • Posts: 2
        Thomas says:

        Yes, both the YouTube and my Windows volume was up. I can hear it alright now, I’d just like it to be louder is all. Thanks, and I look forward to the rest of the series. :)

  6. Posts: 6
    Epliza says:

    I come from Blender and it’s reallllllllyyyyyyy hard to adjust to it… without the usual transition keyboard shortcuts and the mouse functions :\ I’m learning Unity only because it’s much better than Blender engine

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