Introduction to Rigid Bodies

In this tutorial we are introduced to rigid body physics objects inside of Unity 3.4.1.

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16 Responses to “Introduction to Rigid Bodies”
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    Noel Widmer says:

    Yes Yes Yes
    can’t away to test it out.
    Unity cookie
    you’re awesome

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    Hey guys! great to have Unity cookie online, but the files I downloaded from this page are the files of : “working with _characterControllers”
    Seems there’s a little mess with the files on download 😉
    Cheers :-)

    • Posts: 62
      Wes Burke says:

      Hey Bernard! – Thank you for the catch and the download link has been updated. :)

      • Posts: 15

        Downloading. Thanks and congratulations for the new site Wes! You have a wonderful family of education sites and educators now :-)

  3. Posts: 5
    YoungApprentice says:

    I think I love you guys. I have been waiting for Unity Cookie for FOREVER

  4. Posts: 12
    Jerry Miller says:

    This “F” Key To Zoom to my object…. THANKS FOR EXPLAINING THIS TO ME D:

    I was having sooo many issues with object selection and camera movement because I Zoomed too much or Panned too much. It started to get Ridiculous!

    But thanks! The “F” key is now my best friend XD..

    • Posts: 2
      Dan Goslin says:

      Ha! I know what you mean, it can be extremely useful for navigating around complex scenes, glad this helped out!

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    I remember messing around with this some time ago. Just made a simple ramp for a ball to roll down and knock over some cubes. I didn’t know about the physics materials. Is it possible to make your own custom ones or to revert them back to default after you’ve messed with the settings?

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      Dan Goslin says:

      You can change the properties of the physics materials however you like, and you can re-import the physics materials assets to reset the default values that they all started with.


  6. Posts: 1
    Mads Alber says:

    Nice introduction indeed 😀 I couldn’t help but noticing the Minecraft logo 😛

  7. Posts: 4
    Emmanuel Woo says:

    do i need a citizen account or any special permission to watch this vid, can’t seem to watch this since it is in private, help please, thanks. 😀

    • Posts: 62
      Wes Burke says:

      That was strange, but I have fixed this and you should be able to view. A citizen membership is not required to watch this video. 😉

      • Posts: 4
        Emmanuel Woo says:

        Sir i can already view it now, thanks for the response and the action to my problem, i thank you again… now i can continue my Unity Basics, thank you.

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    moosefoo says:

    Hey guys, I just was browsing through your site and noticed that you have physics listed twice in the drop down menu. I thought I would give you a heads up if you haven’t noticed.

    • Posts: 62
      Wes Burke says:

      Thanks for letting us know and should be fixed! 😉

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