Creating an Animated Door for Unity 3D – part 02

In this Blender 2.5 video tutorial series we go through the process of preparing a model for export and use in Unity 3D, including correct naming conventions, animations, and creating empties to be used for tracking lights and other game objects. It will also cover some basic scripting and functionality within Unity 3d itself.

Part 2 covers the creation and editing of scripts in Unity 3D to play animations, track key inputs, a debug log, and copying locations and rotations of one game object to another.

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    Any idea why when at 4:40 in the video you click the circle to bring up ‘SelectAnimationClip’ I have three animations of the same name? In effect, Idle x3 and Open x3 – although I’ve called them something different.

    Great tuts btw, just trying out Unity to see what I think. New to animation too.

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    Excellent tutorial. Thanks!

    One small remark though: While writing the AnimationScript it was suggested that GetKeyUp and GetKeyDown functions have something to do with the Up and Down arrow keys. This is not the case, because they refer to pushing or releasing keyboard keys. The reference to Up and Down keys is made through the KeyCode. In fact for both instances mentioned in the script the GetKeyDown function is preferred because it gives the fastest response to the user interaction, being pushing “keys down”.

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    andyman404 says:

    Thanks for the tutorial! I’m just starting out with animation and have some questions:

    1) Unity 4.2: How would you do these animations/importing/scripts with the new Mechanim system, rather than “the legacy animation system”, which was the only animation system back at the time the tutorial was made. According to the Unity documentation, “Unity intends to phase out the Legacy animation system over time for all cases by merging the workflows into Mecanim.” The legacy animation system shown in this tutorial is pretty straightforward, and I get how it works now. But the Mechanim system for “generic” rigs is a bit more confusing.

    2) .FBX vs .BLEND files: Is there a reason why it is usually recommended to export/import the model/animations as an .fbx file rather than just to directly import the .blend file into Unity?


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