Creating an Animated Door for Unity 3D – part 01

In this Blender 2.5 video tutorial series we go through the process of preparing a model for export and use in Unity 3D, including correct naming conventions, animations, and creating empties to be used for tracking lights and other game objects. It will also cover some basic scripting and functionality within Unity 3d itself.

Part 1 covers the naming of objects in Blender, setting up the desired animations for a door and a moving panel, and then goes over the basics of importing files into Unity 3D and setting up materials within Unity.

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7 Responses to “Creating an Animated Door for Unity 3D – part 01”
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    Edward Casey says:

    I love that you always do a general overview when starting the tutorial. It really helps give a baseline to start with.

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    Dragonlance says:

    An Awesome tutorial again Porter! I hope you do a lot more 4 us!

    The best thing about your tutorials is the carefully choosen topic. This here, just as the Sci-Fi Panel involves serveral working steps that need to be repeated. That really helps me learning and remembering.

    It never gets boring to listen to you. The tutorials are fun and your voice is very pleasing.

    5 Stars! And please more more more!!

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    Osgur Aslan says:

    I have a problem with importing blend files in to Unity. I created animation in blender and I want to use this animation but I couldn’t. For example I created animated gun and I made it child of camera in Unity and applied the animation to it but when I do it Gun location changes I couldn’t figure out how to fix this problem. Could you please help me? Thanks!!

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    Abban Dunne says:

    Has this process changed in newer versions of Unity? When I import from Blender 3 animation clips appear, and there is no option for wrapmode in the inspector.

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      Dragonlance says:

      Yes that has changed, you can access the old way of doing this by selecting debug mode in the upper left corner of the inspector. Find the register-card where the (i) Icon is followed by Inspector. Right-click that and select debug. Now most components have additional Settings and you can change private variables too. On the Animation component you’ll find wrap mode again.

      >>> But doing it this way, using the Animation component, is deprecated! > It is better you use the ANIMATOR Component instead and create an Animator Controller for this. There you can control the wrapping and overall behavior of different animations and their transitions for this GameObject. Unity 4 is all about Mechanim and this change is part of it.

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        Abban Dunne says:

        Thanks got it. I created an animation controller, dragged on one of the animations which set automatically to default state. It played fine then.

        The internet is devoid of tutorials with basic information on how Mecanim works. Every single one is full character rigging.

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