back Polar Bear Crossing

Wanted to draw a polar bear but also wanted to keep it simple to help me control the amount of detail I use. I just gotta remind myself not to zoom in so much.

  • Status: Final
  • Karo Kikot

    Awsome (✧ω✧)

  • watermelonmo

    beautiful lighting and colors!

  • duketogo

    I feel sympathy to polar bears losing ice ground by global warming.

  • Paul Haynes

    Very nice job.

  • kyle taylor

    this looks great i went and looked at your profile i like the spyro moneybags also i miss that game

  • Destiny Walker

    aaaa I love how you paint, everything looks so colorful!

  • Thomas Robb

    WOW! that is amazing! Truly art

  • Alyssa Veysey

    frikkr Oh wow, man, good eye! I didn't even see that till you pointed it out. I used a square brush to paint thefoundation of the ground, that's propably why. Ugh, thats gonna bug me...Thanks for noticing!

  • Matthew Fricker

    Wow, this is amazing, I love it! The only thing that gets me, is the perfectly vertical line right below the polar bears breath, it almost looks as if there has been a layer issue or something similar.