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I've aways wanted to switch to a plant based diet and giving up eating pig two years ago proved incredibly easy. So three weeks into being a full vegetarian, I've decided to continue with it. It's also been wayyy too long since I've worked in Photoshop for myself so after drawing multiple meat material examples for my workshop students, I decided to have some fun.

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    Tim Von Rueden

    Thank you, I fully agree with that idea as well and it is indeed a self portrait. When drawing meat remember that when building textures, think in layers: foundation, build up of values based on lighting, the material/texture, then finally the highlights. Take your time with each step and don’t rush building up the material. The overall presence and perception of each material will be based on the details we associate with. The meat has a few essentials to make it “look” like meat. This includes the reds of the muscles and their connection to the pinks of the fatty tissue. Having some subsurface scattering where the reds can become slightly more saturated in areas. And finally making sure the highlights are laid on in isolated areas and broken up due to the nature of the organic surface of raw meat. Hope this helps and as always, use reference, and multiple sources not just one!

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    I love this one! It is mysterious and beautiful.

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    FJ Mony

    Ah this is truly sublime! Love the colours and how painterly this is..the bits of detail in places works really well. I also love how he's chewing a piece of basil (?). Wonderful job here and all the very best with your new diet :)

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    Melissa Arroyo-Hurshman

    I couldn't help but to giggle at the description. I gave up pork and red meat and just stuck with chicken or turkey. This is actually really cool looking. I love the marbling of the meat and I love the whole concept behind it. :) Nice color compliments, too. :D Overall awesome job!

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    Forrest Harless

    Nice work! I'm currently reacquainting myself with my tablet! I've been in the 3d realm for a long time so I'm thinking it's time for more concept art!! looking forward to seeing more of your work!!

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    Is this a selfportrait? Because I love the idea that we, as humans are just flesh blobs. The colors are so nice, I first thought they were some humanoid cherry ( because of the color ) but when I clicked on this I saw your discripton and I understood it more. I enjoy this sight and your creativity in this piece.
    The lightning gives an exta way to give details, I like that, the shiny nose is cool. Thank you for making this!

    Can I ask you how long you've practised drawing meat? So for your students and then some extra study at home? Because I would like to learn to draw that, any tips? Like, do I need to buy some meat and put it on a plate, or is looking and use refs from internet good to? Thanks in advance!

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