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  • Happy Man

I just experimented a bit and created this simple "statue" ;)

  • Status: Final
  • s

    great job
    I am new to blender and have no clue how to change the look of object so they are not their original shape or manipulate it
    if someone could tell me that would be great

  • k

    He's SO HAPPY!

  • b

    Hey that nice ,great job??
    I am new here and to 3D and blender
    I am been trying real hard to get use to navigation in blender 3D space
    And I set up a exerise for myself
    By Creating one cube at a time and moving each one to line them up in different configurations along the 3D grid
    by using the "g" key for grab and and since I donot have a num pad I found that I need to use middle mouse button to rotate to front view or top view etc... And keep aligning those 3D cubes where I want them on blenders 3D grid

    God Bless

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