back Karrote Master

I've been watching (again !) all the "Karate Kid" saga.
So useless to say that I've been heavily influenced by the movie.
Here the cute but strong bunny is not a newbie about Karate...
He is black belt, he can slice carrots using his hands ! Beware! He is watching on you...

Softwares: sculpting, modeling and texturing on Blender, some post pro on Photoshop.

  • Status: Final
  • Henk Kok

    Love it, just wicked!

  • Ang Kok Hoe

    this is so cool

  • Large

    Don't mess with that bunny...

  • Large
    Mary Fazzolari

    tbrbn thanks!

  • Large
    Thibaut Bourbon

    Looks really cool, good job!