back Atomic Delivery

My entry for the Blender Guru fantasy competition.
I couldn't complete it on time, but it was worth the experience.
Hope you like it!

Done in Blender:
Modelling, Sculpting, Lighting, Shading and Rendering.
All the textures are done in Substance Painter, this is my first experience with this program.
I use Photoshop for final compositing.


Artstation Link:

Concept by Sergi Brosa

  • Status: Final
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    Luiz "Deco" Rodrigues

    OMG I loved!

  • Large
    Marcella Lombardo

    Thanks! that's good to hear!

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    LJ Simpson

    Like it? I love it! Thanks for sharing the timelapses too!

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    Prashan Subasinghe

    Fantastic work!

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    Andi Nuruljihad

    this is amazing...

  • timvandesluis

    Great looking model, and such fun textures and materials.

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    Marcella Lombardo

    Hi Lucie
    Honestly I can't tell how long I worked on this project.
    Besides normal production (modelling, sculpting, lighting, shading, rendering and post-production) I've studied a new program (Substance Painter) and shot and edited the timelapses, all of that with an old pc that struggles with so much work and data (damned pc!)
    I would say a month more or less, considering that close to the deadline of the competition I even stopped sleeping :)

  • Lucie Popelova

    Oh this is awesome. How much time did it take in total?

  • Largecrew
    Jonathan Lampel

    Excellent work Marcella! I'm loving the mix of stylized proportions with gritty, over-the-top textures and materials.

  • digitalmayor

    This is amazing.. the ripples in the fabric are excellent. Kind of post apocalyptic hi-tech street thug style is cool