back Portrait Sculpt 07

Here is the seventh sculpt in my 30 portrait challenge. I've missed a few days, so I'm pushing for doing 30 sculpts total, but not necessarily in 30 days.

  • Status: Final
  • Johnathyn

    Butch Deloria. He's also a potential companion later on in the game.

  • itsmilo

    It looks like..what is his name? the bully you meet at the start of fallout 3..brb going to research his name on google..

    "The research of 'bully guy you meet at the start of fallout 3' has resulted in no documents"... all i remember is tunnel snake or something like that

  • David Frazier

    Clean as a whistle bro! Very encouraged to be learning from you man!

  • Michael Yoseph

    Amazing! Who is this supposed to be? Or is it free-style? She looks like Alexa Davalos from Man In The High Castle, in my opinion :)

  • Ian Thompson

    oops I just realized what that sounded like I mean I dont have mature content

  • crew
    Nick Haskins


  • crew
    Wes Burke

    Great sculpt sir!

  • Ian Thompson

    hey i got a big problem all of my renders say for mature content. i am only thirteen i have some of the most mature content please help me.