back Portrait Sculpt 05

This one is a day late, but here is my 5th portrait sculpt. There's a lot of problems with this one and rough spots, but it was a lot of fun. The hair line in particular shows some potential I think.

A few notes on this one to take note for future ones:
1. The hair line is too low
2. The cheek areas shape is wrong, resulting in too little volume around the corner of the lips.
3. The jaw law is weirdly sharp and also has a strange curve to it.
4. The chin is perhaps too strong
5. The lips are awkward. Perhaps too thin and pursed?

  • Status: Final
  • Large
    Forrest Harless

    Great work!
    I'm still very far behind in digital sculpting but I've done multiple clays and I can see some really good positives in some of the things you've critiqued about your work!
    I think the contrast between the lips and jaw line is a nice kind of transition between effeminate and emasculate features! Maybe the hairline is a little low for the prominent forehead but overall, I'd say "Cool Beans!" For what it's worth! Slightly Germanic in proportion and not boringly perfect in composition! As always, I aspire to bring myself up to a more consistent level of skill, as it applies to digital sculpting! Thanks so much for all the work you guys put into these valuable resources! Much obliged!!:)