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Blender, Quixel & Photoshop.

  • Status: Final
  • crew
    Kent Trammell

    Impressive work. Great job telling a story with a single image!

  • Nestor Arellano

    What's the story behind the image? Amazing work. :)

  • Joaquín Kierbel

    Thanks kkaki !

  • Renderer Jones

    *or such*

  • Renderer Jones

    I don't know anything about colours or composition or suck, I just like the potential story behind this, and the christmas lights...

  • Joaquín Kierbel

    Thank you jlampel !

  • crew
    Jonathan Lampel

    Wow, really well done Joaquín! Easily your best piece yet. The colors, composition, background, character - all spot on. Keep it up!