back Sculpt January 2018

My entries to the 2018 sculpt january.

  • Status: Final
  • hapit

    rranjancnr Thank you. Today I struggled and opted for an excited emoticon sculpt.

  • Chetan Ranjan

    hapit You are on a great start. Love the mask

  • Scott McClellan

    hapit I'm rather new to this whole experience, but decided I needed a change in life. Here's to hoping I haven't bitten off too much.
    I dare say, a sculpt a day is outside of the comfort zone

  • hapit

    pffsfs I've finished 4 sculpts last year ;-) and got into digital painting with krita. I still need practice and something that gets me out of my comfort zone. That's the reason I'm going for the 31 sculpts this january.

  • Scott McClellan

    Very nice detail on the mask. You've obviously been around the sculpt brush before. lol