back Deer Forest

I've been super excited to show this render, first time using The Grove 3d. I really hope you all like it.

  • Status: Final
  • Perry Harmon

    Absolutely beautiful!

  • Matt Dickun

    That lighting gives it a inviting feeling.

  • Yuditya Afandi

    Incredible work! I gotta say, I want to go there!

  • Markus Rock

    doncliche I think it is not particularly wrong. I think sometimes fog looks that way. But it would still be cool to see a fog , that kinda "lays" on the ground, if you take my meaning. (Sorry if my english is not that good btw.)

  • Kless Gyzen

    rrekrovoire kind of thats one of the problems with the mist pass there is a way to make the mist stronger the lower it is to the ground but it doesnt always work well.

  • Markus Rock

    It looks beautiful :D
    Really really good c:
    but it also looks foggy and the sky quite gray. Is that intended?

  • Kless Gyzen

    cclayton95 Thanks

  • Clayton Sjoerdsma

    Incredible work!! The lighting is superb!

  • Kless Gyzen

    ssorta thank you

  • sorta

    Wow so much detail in this scene it's amazing! The river reflections and the lighting are phenomenal!