back -Doyle on the other side-

The idea of this frame was to show a fight between the main protagonist and owl-spirt creature. By including art deco design for interior and exterior I’ve managed to add some level of mystery and elegance. The majority of work is done in 3d-coat with decent touch in Photoshop.

  • Status: Final
  • Ayrat Adynaid

    mmiecz Discovered smth new, thank you for pointing out!

  • miecz

    Super scary - I'm a big fan of Lovecraft's works - this suits :)

  • Tim Snedden

    Amazing looking creature and weapon

  • kakaofelix

    a owl with a partly human body looks just terrifying. great !

  • Paul Haynes

    Very effective lighting. Great scene.

  • Sara (Starry)

    Wow what a creature! Great work!

  • Pressman

    Now that looks the way my dog must have thought the owl that attacked him looked.
    Great work, beliveable creature