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Using Emissive Materials


Lets Get Emissive!

Time to create some emissions! Now typically this would be bad, but in this case we're talking about emissive materials in Unity 5. In this Unity tutorial I'll show you the basics of creating emissive materials that can be applied to game objects to create a glow that emits light onto nearby objects. I'll show you two ways of creating emissive materials. One will be using just basic colors to make an entire cube glow a specific color, then we'll take a look at a basic emission map that can be created in Photoshop (or any image editor) using colors to emit light. Emission maps allow us to create really awesome lighting effects within our games that can really set the mood.

*Note* that the brick material texture found in this tutorial comes from Gametextures.com and is being provided to you via the project files with their permission.