Impressions: Nomad Art Satchel - Etchr


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This tutorial is an impression and review of the nomad art satchel, Etchr!

I was given the opportunity to review and check out the latest etchr before their kickstarter launches soon! I will update this with the link when it becomes available. Until then you can check out their official website here:

This review goes over the bag itself, the quality, the functionality, and my thoughts on using it!

Song Used: "Happy Marimba"

Level 5

Rank: 25
Everyday is a rededication. I love nothing more than drawing and helping others deepen their understanding of working with art. I proudly rooted myself in Wisconsin and have worked with CG Cookie for 4 years and started Concept Cookie when I was first brought on. Now I enjoy the weekly livestreams and the community that has built up since.
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