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Freelancing and Adapting

  • Software:Photoshop CS6  ·
  • Difficulty:Advanced

The Adaptive Freelancer

Are you a freelancer or are you looking to pick up some extra cash with a project or two on the side? It's not easy living as a freelance artist as it forces you to adapt to new subject matters, themes, projects, and styles. One job may want a horror themed board game while the next is a bubbly and cute phone case. Freelancing jobs are always evolving from one to the next and you gotta stay on your toes to keep up with it. In this tutorial I go over a recent job I was given with CG Cookie on creating a custom coffee bag cover illustration. I have never worked in this type of medium before or have ever done jobs with food packaging. This didn't deter me from wanting to do the job but I have to go into it with a little more preparation and knowledge. So in this tutorial, I will cover those type of questions you should be asking, and what to prepare for as the artist. 


You should also be aware of the amount of edits, re-dos, throwaways, additional work, and time that will have to be invested in a project like this and to be mentally prepared for changes. Never become too attached to your work when doing a freelance project. Let it be as fluid and versatile as possible so that way you end with the best results! My goal is this:  I want you to recognize the difficulties and frustrations that can come with freelancing and knowing how to avoid them, as well as how to present yourself in person and create a powerful online presence. Persistence and Tenacity are key when on the hunt to land a job in this industry, whether you are an in-house concept artist or a traveling freelancer.