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Customizing Your Startup File in Blender

  • Software:Blender 2.71  ·
  • Difficulty:Intermediate

Have Blender your way

As an open source application, Blender is naturally very customizable. Of course like most programs, we can modify User Preferences, save render presets, build custom UI themes, and save layout presets. But beyond User Preferences, Blender allows us to customize our the startup scene. With the startup.blend file we have incredible freedom to tailor Blender so it launches with our exact specifications.

What You Will Learn

Each artist is unique in the way they work. Often times, we find ourselves establishing habits - hopefully good ones - that support our specific methodology. After these habits and preferences take hold, we can discover that perhaps Blender's defaults don't work best for us. For example, when was the last time you kept the default cube, camera, and light instead of deleting them? Or in my case, when have I ever been satisfied with 10 preview/render samples? But those examples are just skimming the surface of Blender's startup customizability. In this video I will show you:

  • The difference between User Preferences and the Startup file. Both are customizable but independent from one another.
  • Modifying and saving UI elements/layouts, adding new default texture-paint brushes, and storing shader node group "presets" for easy access in the future.
  • How to manually transfer all your customization to new Blender installations. NOTE - You could also implement Jonathan's Dropbox method to keep your Blender customizations synced on all your computers.