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Add a Custom Splash Screen to Your Game

With Unity 5 personal edition now nearly 100% unlocked we can dabble with previously "pro only" features including movie textures. With this I'll show you how to bring in a custom video logo that you can use as a custom splash screen within Unity. Movie textures allow us to display a video clip as a texture on a game object. Often times this can be used as in game videos or even cutscenes.

We'll utilize this to mimic a common animated video logo before the game starts. Just about every game company utilizes this effect before the game starts and now you can too. All we need is a video clip, a plane and a few lines of C# scripting to get it all going. Best of all, I'll show you how to easily transition into your start scene after your video has finished playing.

*Note this method does not work on mobile platforms (iOS and Android). To create a similar effect on mobile follow the instructions here from Unity:

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