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Creature Concept Ideation

  • Software:Photoshop CS6  ·
  • Difficulty:Intermediate

Artist: Brynn Metheney

This creature exercise is all about scribbling and letting go to have some fun! In this tutorial, I’ll cover how I generate quick creature concepts using rapid sketch techniques and gestures. I’ll also be using layers to add in detail and form as I flesh out rough creature concepts. I start with quick gestures to put pencil to paper to get things moving. I’m not worried about anatomy or getting it right, I just want to get some scribbles down on the page. It’s really helpful to do this with pen on paper too. This way of sketching helps me to forget about getting it right and forces me to move from sketch to sketch, trying new forms and new shapes as I go along. Then from there, I will refine the scribbles, using layers to build up detail and find creatures in the forms I laid down earlier. By pushing back the opacity on the scribble layer, I can improvise and add new shapes and build on the others I’m seeing in the image as I work forward. This is a great method for building a foundation to explore on. After I’ve fleshed out the creatures a bit, I add a bit of volume to enhance their forms. I tend to warm up using this technique as it lends itself to stretching those creative muscles and generates fun and new ideas. Sometimes sketching and coming up with new ideas can be intimidating and being a creative professional is a tough gig. I’ve found that taking time to warm up and have a bit of fun before I begin my work, I am able to work better during the day on the projects I need to get done. I hope you find this video useful and I encourage you to go have fun and scribble for a bit!