William Miller

Requests for more courses

I have a lot of requests for courses, so I decided I'd put them all here.  In no particular order, here they are.

  1. More lighting!  I know there is a beginner lighting course available, but you don't go beyond three-point lighting.  I would like to know more about lighting especially because that is one of the things I'm worst at.
  2. I want to know how to create skin.  All types of skin.  I want to learn how to make human skin, scales, feathers, wool, fins, and that membrane in frogs' throats that has visible veins.  Also, how to create realistic eyes.
  3. Advanced physics.  Blender can simulate soft bodies and fluids, but what about goopy stuff?  I want to make explosions, too, as well as rocket engines.  I also want to learn how to break things.
  4. Architecture.  I know the new course has a house, but what about more complex buildings?  What about their interiors?
  5. Clouds fog, nebulae-  anything that involves gas.  Or anything in space.
  6. Plants, nature, and landscapes.
  7. A spaceship or two wouldn't hurt, either.
  • Something about your space ideas reminds me of the space core from Portal 2.  He just decided to pop right in my brain.

  • crew

    Hey William, that's a solid list of good things to cover. We've got a pretty long list of topics that we want to do, but most of those are indeed things we'd like to see as well. We're going to be fairly focused on creating game assets this year, so they will likely take some time to get to. 

    In the meantime, definitely explore how you would create such things and post your WIP's here in the community. We'd be happy to give advice and suggestions if you get stuck making whatever it is that you want to make. 

    1. It would also be great to have a course about photorealism.
    2. A more advanced course that explores all the particle settings would be nice.
    3. How about a few courses about human and animal anatomy?  The lessons could be about making individual body parts such as eyes, ears, etc.  (This would include the skin I mentioned earlier.)
  • I also have a solid list of good things to cover.

  • I got an idea... we can produce amateur tutorials on YouTube and if it's any good and up to CGC standards, CG Cookie can link to them via a blog post. 

  • Great idea, since we do not have to re-invent the wheel by ourselvs right?

    I have another - likewise - idea:
    How about starting an OPEN DIRECTORY with categorized links to (high quality) Blender resources.. 

    - Wikipedia - DMOZ 
    - DMOZ v2
    - DMZO-tools

    So everyone can upload their Blender resources to it and centrally share it in the CGCookie Community

  • Could you add a Shader Forge chapter about electricity and energy?

  • I would like to see a course on how to use the Grease Pencil in Blender. It's used in a lot of the lessons.

  • Although all of those are courses I really want, I want the animal skin most.  The lighting and physics courses tie for second place.

  • crew

    Interesting request..I'm trying to understand how I would approach that in shader form. To me that's more of a particle-based project that would simply have an emissive material applied to it.

    Could you post an image that's representative of what you're imagining?

  • crew

    I'm eager to see a Grease Pencil course as well; one that comprehensively teaches essential 2D animation workflow with GP!

    As far as how we currently use it in courses, as a visualization aid, that's just a matter of holding D while you click and drag your mouse. 

  • A shader forge chapter about honey would be nice, too.
  • How do you photoscan objects?

  • I downloaded the Animation Nodes add-on, and I do not have the slightest idea how it is to be used.  Could you make a course about that?

  • How about osl shaders in blender and glsl in the game engine!

  • I would suggest how to go from photoscan to game ready model, working off the photoscan comment. Maybe sound editing as well, idk?
  • the pancake hobo stuff might be of use for that

    for the honey, this is in ref to, since this site doesn't want to do a reply-to properly.