Kenan Değim

Polybook- degimkenan

Hi! I'm an architecture student who recently got into 3d designing. I decided to share my works in this polybook to get your critiques.

The first work I want to share is a visualization of one of my stories. So, here it is:

The Zeck Journal

It's been about three months. There are no clocks or calenders in this community. Due to their pure freedom obsession they do not want to be restricted even by time.
This situation is starting to mess up my sense of time so I am no longer sure how long I've been here.

I still do not understand how a community that is so noble in its ideological basis can be even more artificial, more fake than Avi people.
They regard freedom as sacred, and yes, there is no restricting influence on them from the outside world, but they live their greatest slavery in their own minds.
There are leaders here too. Their words have a great effect on the rest of the community. Since it is their choice not to listen to them
whenever they do not want, they claim that they are not leaders, but they are only deceiving themselves. They are deceiving themselves because no matter
what world we live in, as long as we are willing to endure the consequences of our actions, we are already free to do whatever we want, free to think
whatever we want. Dedicated names do not change the reality of situations.

The most painful side of the matter is that a great majority of people-even though they do not accept it because of their pride- actually want to live in Avi.
Almost every night the people living in the caves in the hills watch Avi covetously. Radical parts of the community chose to live underground not to see it.
If a person does not live where he wants when there is no obstacle, does claiming to be free have any meaning?

  • Updated:

    -Added a foreground part to bottom left corner

    -Edited the underground part(added stairs going down) It was looking like just a hole in the ground.

    -Edited the sky(changed the object looking like sun for a planet to better fit the story)