Ronald Vermeij

Jet fighter modeling resources

I just finished watching the Latest Live Stream by Kent and Jonathan
At the end of the stream someone showed Jonathan a screenshot of a Blender Jet-fighter modeling project.

I'm currently working on the same challenge (creating the General Dynamics YF16) and have some tips to share with you

A - Look on Vimeo / Youtube how other modelers have tackled the challenge already:
- Youtube - Blender jetfigher modeling

B - Take a lot of looks on somebody elses Work In Progress threads and look at their 3d meshes:
This is my all time favourite WIP thread on creating an F16 model - by tommy1441 on
- BlenderArtist - Tommy1441 - F16A/B

C - Go to 3D (CG/ Blender) model market place like
- Blender Market
- Blend Swap
- Blender Models
and take a closer look at their 3d meshes. You do not have to re-invent the wheel yourself,
just find very good examples and start your modeling journey from there ;-)

D - If you want to see my own YF-16 fighter building progress, look over here:
- FSDeveloper - YF16 WIP thread.... (the background, the story, the works)
- Flickr - YF16 prototype page ......... (yes it shows my many mistakes too)
I'm currently working on version 8 of the fuselage.. but i'm geting there (the hard way).

If you have questions, leave a comment below: