John Cockerill

New to CGCOOKIE/Blender

Hello everyone,

I am new here, just signed up 2 days ago. I hope this is the right place to ask my question.

My son (who is 14) and I just got involved into 3D printing. So we thought is would be really fun to start learning how to design our own things. So we came across Blender. We have been doing some tutorials on YouTube by someone named Blender Guru. Great videos. We have learned a lot and in his video he recommended CGCOOKIE. So, here we are.

My son, who is big time into anime wants to create his own characters. We have noticed there are different ways to go about this. Mesh and sculpting. My question is, my son and I are starting from bare bones (meaning we have no knowledge about 3D modeling), so would it be better to start learning sculpting to make the characters (like Goku) he wants or to learn mesh.

Please forgive me if I’m not using the right terminology for all of this. I told my son I would do this with him and I am just trying to finding a starting path for us because there seems to be multiple ways to do things in Blender.

Thank you all for your time.


  • crew

    Hey John, welcome to CGCookie! We do have a course specifically on 3d printing using Blender here 3D Printing on the Form 1+ . Usually when creating a highly detailed model people will start off sculpting as it gives them the most freedom to create the details they need. If this model were to be used in animation or games it may need to be made into a lower poly version.

    If you're like an introduction to sculpting I'd recommend getting started here, Fundamentals of Digital Sculpting. The Art of Sculpting is also a great series that I would watch once you understand the basics. Hope that helps, if you have any other questions let us know. 

  • Thank you very much. I will look at these links and videos. I know he wants to do 3D printing and talked lastnight “what if he could make his own animation characters and make small little movie. Of course as his dad I tell him he can do anything he puts his mind to, but in my head I’m thinking OMG how on earth and going to help him get there. If that makes sense at all.

    I want to encourage him on this route because I think he will excel at it. He has already made his own lightsaber from scratch in Blender and then found a video on building his own Thor hammer and he did that as well with ease.



  • crew

    I think that's great, you should definitely be encouraging him. We do have a number of fun animation courses as well. I'd like to say we probably have the best Blender animation courses you'll find. That being said it creating animated shorts are no easy feat. To get started I would recommend the Animation Flow which contains a number of courses specifically aimed at those looking to learn animation in Blender. 

    Once he has gone through those courses, and ideally completed the exercises for them, then he can look at a more challenging but thorough course called Piero. We have a ton of content that your son can sink his teeth into and he can definitely have quite a bit of fun. 

    Don't forget to check out the live events as well. Next month Kent Trammell will be conducting a live class for the month of March on creating characters. Your son could pop in and see what it takes to create a unique character of his own and also ask questions. Good luck!

  • Ok Awesome. Thank you for all the great advice. I will pass this on to him. 

  • I am writing first time here, I have heard a lot about cg cookie and wanted to join. I know they have greatest tutorials line up just one problem you have subscribe for whole month or long time if they can make courses more flexible it would be very awesome, like pay per course !!


  • Hello John,
    If you are an absolute beginner with Blender, be sure you master this series of videos first:
    The Blender Fundamentals are the absolute basics you need to know first, before doing anything else:
    - [url][/url]

    Sculpteo also offers a nice and very detailed 3D printing tutorial with Blender over here:

    I'm looking forward to see your first DragonBall-Z characters