John Ducker

PopUp: New Unity Tutorial ?

I think I just seen this to the left of my screen and at top it was showing new message, then it disappeared... Did I see it or was it error from site? 

  • crew

    It looks like our web dev crew was testing some content pop up features in a test site but it leaked onto the live site so that's probably what you saw. No new Unity content has been released yesterday or today. 

  • I also notice most+- learning flows are from 2015 year or are 1yr+. I was wanting to know if version Unity 2017+ & Blender 2.7+. Do not know if I can use new versions to do older Tutorials/Courses... 

    Your site looks nice, but that not why I join. I will look around on net to see if any other Blender/Unity sites have more up to date tutorials. Wish you all luck in your new look here. :)

    PS. Has anyone used new version on these tutorials... Just want to know prior to investing my time to learn on this site. Guess I will just have to try with youtube content to see if I have issues with using new version on older tutorials. Later again :) 

  • crew

    Most of the content we have is up to date and still applicable even with newer versions. Blender and Unity don't change much over the course of a few years, usually only after big releases do things change and/or get updated.  There are some much older courses that have a number of changes within Blender and Unity. Kent Trammel wrote an article on using various Blender versions with older tutorials here:

    For the Unity side there are a few videos here and there that are outdated some but still applicable. Any videos or courses that are outdated will be remade, in fact I just finished recording the Unity basics course to be used with Unity 2017. I'm also working on adding new updates to some older courses with some new updates from Unity such as the pathfinding system and particle systems.  There are new tools introduced as well such as the Timeline. As of now I'm recording quite a bit of content using Unity 2017, unfortunately a lot of stuff they have planned to include in Unity is experimental and/or included externally which can make it difficult to keep up to date with.