free software for making blender tutorial

can someone recommend any good free software for making blender tutorial

  • For screen/audio recording, OBS is pretty straighforward to get up and running quickly. I'd recommend getting an external mic if you don't have one. You don't need to spend a fortune. Pretty much anything is better than a built-in mic.

  • obs wont work for me when I try to open it saids obs quit unexpectedly and one day when it did open for me I still had problems it wont let me select my screen capture device it there was just a black screen do you know a work around do this problem please help Im on a mac 

  • Under the "Sources" panel, when you click the plus sign to add your source select Display Capture instead of Video Capture Device. Video Capture Device is for a camera.

  • thanks for the tip but that still dont solve the problem of obs not opening for me here a video of the quit message Im getting

  • Try this

    1. Delete everything in /Library/Application Support/obs-studio

    2. Uninstall/reinstall obs

    Some users have reported updating OSX breaks obs and this is might fix it

  • I did that still didnt work

  • In that video you posted your OS showed osx v 10.9.5

    From OBS support:

    "The latest version of OBS that supposed 10.9 is 18.0.2, which can be found on the releases page on github here

    However, we have dropped support for macOS 10.9 (as has Apple, for that  matter), so there's probably not a whole lot we can do help in this  case. Truly sorry :("

  • thats ok I,ll find another way

  • First some basics questions to get your situation clear for everyone:
    - What are the hardware specification of your computer(motherboard, cpu, memory)?
    - What are the specs of your video card (and drivers)?
    - What operating system (make, model, version) do you have installed?