Andrew Beers

Looking for local game devs

I have recently been given a lot of advice to find other local game devs to meet up with and develop a network of support. Anyone aspiring or accomplished game developers in the Kansas City Area that is interested in forming a game making support group?

  • crew

    You could look into MeetUp groups. I was part of a local Unity MeetUp group in my city and it was fairly active with about 15-20 people meeting about once a month or so for various talks/demos. Also had a Unity evangelist (from Unity themselves) come to one of our meets so definitely a great way to network with other developers. 

  • Awesome.. I just checked it out and found a group. I joined and am going to a meeting in March. Thanks for the reply. I kind of feel a little dumb on the networking side of all of this.

  • crew

    No worries, glad you were able to find one! I haven't been to one in quite a while, the original owner of the group ended up leaving to work with I might need to find another and start attending them again, they're definitely great to meet all sorts of devs locally.