Kamil Jodełko

Got a job in the industry :)

I found a cool message on my ArtStation profile a couple of days ago that made my eyes tear up a lil'. 

It was about one of the founders of Helios Games, a gaming studio that was created for the purposes of an upcoming Steam game (a team of 25 people) saying that they're impressed with the quality of my work and that they wanted to invite me to their team!!

I thought it's only logical to post it here since my adventure wtih CGI started with Blender and with the amazing tutorials that you guys keep releasing. 

So huge thanks to Jonathan Williamson, Kent Trammel and Jonathan Lampel for the tutorials and feedback.

A cool shout out to my Discord Channel "Gang" (you know who you are) :).

I just wanted to share some of my happiness with you guys. It turns out that if you want something hard enough and work for it you'll eventually get it.

I get to do what I love which is hard surface stuff :).