Berkay Artik

Polybook, to recieve feedback

Well, I've started 3d modeling seriously 4 months ago, before that it was all hobby and messing around. Watching tutorials got me somewhere but I feel the lack of feedback from the community. I feel like something is off. I can't put my finger on it. Maybe you guys can.

List will be organized chronologically and further additions to come as I complete models. I will write down which programs I've used to do what.

I've used Blender to model and render these pieces, also these scenes were done before I've started taking CGCookie Courses.

This was modeled in Blender, textured and rendered in Substance Painter. Few days into CGC.

This is a piece I finished after watching Modeling with Modifiers modeled in Blender, Textured and Rendered in Substance Painter. 

Testing cloth physics and trying to sophisticate my models. Modeled in Blender, Textured and Rendered in Substance Painter.

Tests done in Marmoset, quite impressed with the software and it's price.

Done after burning my finger with a soldering iron. I am not an electrician. Shouldn't have handled one of these.

Testing an art style. Modeled in Blender, Rendered in Unity 2017, Post processing in Unity 2017. Testing an art style. Textures done in Substance Desinger/Painter.

Have a nice one People :)