Ashutosh Prasad

Shape Keys Drivers Graph Problem

I am working on animating a magical book project on the blender and I had a problem in Shape key Drivers Graph problem.

 In my project, I had created a Lattice whose name is "Lat Binding" in my project file I have attached.I added an Amature modifier to the Lattice and also added 3 Vertex Groups to it after this I added 2 Shape keys to it according to the need for my animation.After this, I added Driver to the "Key 1" in the shape keys.Then I switched the view to "Graph Editor" and selected "DRIVERS" mode in it.But in the graph, it's showing nothing.Nothing is displayed in the graph related to drivers.I also tried to do all the work again in the new file, but again and again, I am facing the same problem.Problem help me its urgent.Below is the screenshot of the Problem i am facing you can see it would appear nothing in the graph.Please help me.

help me its urgent.