larry frenzel

Blender to unity Course request

Can we get some courses for Unity's realtime animation features, IE cinema machine, and how to use timeline.

Also maybe a course on how to use blend shapes that we created in blender. 'I'm working on a realtime Animation project and could really use some informative courseware because I'm not having much luck on the web.

  • crew

    Hey Larry, I can't speak on the blend shapes, but I do plan on covering the cinema machine and timeline tools. It was something I wanted to teach in a live stream for now, although a course could be made later down the line as well. 

    Anything in particular that you'd trying to create? 

  • trying to create a really short animated movie in unity, kinda like Adam but probably not as good lol

    I can get blender rigs into unity, just can't seem to get the shapes there. Maybe they are ther, I'm just looking in the wrong areas..