Rogerio Stravino

Feeling that I hit a wall with the Fundamentals of Animation Course


I`m entirely new to blender, but have some knowledge of animation principles (2D Animation, Maya/C4D basis, rigging, the Principles, in-between, etc.)

I`m following the Introduction to Blender flow, getting a good learning/evolution experience until I began the Fundamentals of Animation course.  

I`m having difficulty to understand the Blender animation workflow, (as  the difference between animating using the timeline or the dopesheet, the shortcuts, so many menus and options, etc)

I believe the other animation courses available at CGC has a focus on a more experienced user, right?

I don`t know if my skills are not enough to learn that,  if blender animation is much more complicated than other 3D solutions (I know basic Maya and C4d) or I just need a new approach for blender animation.

Any suggestions to learn the Blender basic animation flow?